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Fonzy Reilly aka Mr.FFTV Owner of  FonzFilmztv & FFTV Magazine


Fonzy Reilly(Fonz-ah-rell-ly) aka Mr.FFTV is from all over the place. Growing up in the military has had him all over the map in places like Hampton VA where he was born D.C., Raleigh NC, South Carolina, and probably a city near you! Already used to the shine from being a star basketball player:he fuels himself from his past. You will here about it in his music. Smart with a ton of charm here presents Fonzy


Fonzy started FonzFilmztv in 2012 to get his team some visuals to there music. He  will continue to stay creative and making NEW visuals!!!! He now manages artist by the likes of CuPreme, AceBoonCoon, Justin Reid, SaysoFNB, and Re-Up Blakk of New Life New Label.


Facebook: Durrall Peterson/Fonzy Reilly 

IG: @fonzydainterviewgod @fftvmagazine2019  

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